The Simple Diet that Fuels Eliud Kipchoge’s Marathon Wins

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By Isah Asesa

A relaxed Eliud Kipchoge

He might make it look easy, but behind Eliud Kipchoge’s ridiculous speed and formidable strength is a rigorous diet and workout plan.

Just to give you a quick refresher: Kipchoge won the Olympic marathon in 2016 and is the current marathon world record holder with a time of 2:01:39 hours.

Making his accomplishments all the more impressive is the fact that he is even more masculine and fit than your standard marathoner.

Eliud Kipchoge

It’s then no surprise that Kipchoge’s diet and training routine keep his mass lean and mean, enabling him to soar past the finish line like a cruise missile with legs.

The Kenyan Highlands where he trains rises to around 2,800m above sea level. The hard-packed red trails are perfect running conditions as Eliud gets ready for the fast, flat course in Vienna.

The village of Kaptagat is in a high-plains farming region 40km from the North Rift economic hub of Eldoret.

The diet of the athletes in Kaptagat training camp is quite a surprise to visitors who get a chance to tour the facility.

Kipchoge’s diet is predominantly a whole food plant-based diet. Most of the food is locally grown, organic, direct from the surrounding farms.

Eliud Kipchoge eating

The protein consumption of the athletes is also quite low. For Kipchoge, there are several staples that most meals seem to revolve around.

His diet include food like; Ugali, Managu, Cabbage, beans, bread, rice eggs, snacks.

For drinks, Kipchoge takes a lot of tea – Sweet milky tea that the runners seemed to drink all day. For most of the athletes just like Kipchoge, the amount of sugar consumed purely through tea would be over ten to fifteen teaspoons per day!

“He also drinks a lot of tea with a lot of sugar. Instead of protein shakes, he’d have two litres of tea. In his down time, he’ll just relax and sleep. If he’s up he’ll do house chores. He’ll clean the kitchen. The lifestyle in Kenya is simple – he takes it to the extreme.”

Eliud Kipchoge the family man

Some athletes also drink sodas during the day. Kipchoge does nor consume supplements, protein powders or recovery products.

In recent media interviews, Kipchoge has indicated that ugali and managu is one of the secret weapons of the Kenyan athletes.

Kipchoge’s diet is almost purely unprocessed fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals. This alimentary regime is not unique to athletes; it is the diet adhered to by most people in Kenya.

Joyce Sambu
Author: Joyce Sambu

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