Athlete Complains of ‘Filthy’ Conditions in Corona Isolation

Police arrested an Eldoret athlete and placed him in quarantine after he arrived in the country following a trip to Europe.

31-year-old Samson Rutto was traveling in a matatu when he was intercepted by police and forcibly put into isolation at the Kenya Industrial Training Institute in Nakuru or KITI.

Rutto had been in France where he was due to compete in an event that was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Upon his return to Kenya, the athlete failed to quarantine himself and ended up in forceful isolation.

Samson Rutto was not amused by the conditions at KITI, describing quarantine conditions as ‘filthy’ and wishing he had remained in France

Rutto’s flew back into the country via India, and Ethiopia, arriving home on March 22.

According to Rutto, the accommodations at KITI were not only dirty but also poorly ventilated.

Rutto told the Daily Nation that he would have been better off remaining in France, where such a thing would not have happened to him.


He revealed that he had travelled to participate in a race in France, but the event was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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