Emma Wanyotta could be the Third Victim of a Serial Killer

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A man suspected to have murdered a college student in Eldoret was charged with the murder of yet another young woman in 2017.

Emma Wanyotta, a young woman who was murdered in Moi’s Bridge, Uasin gishu County

Mustafa Idi who was arrested over the murder of Emma Wanyotta in Moi’s Bridge will also be in court for the hearing on the murder of Nancy Narogoi, on October 29th.

Mustafa Idi, a Kitale carpenter is even rumored to have been bragging to people in Moi’s Bridge, Eldoret, that he had already killed two women, according to a Daily Nation story published today.

Idi’s nonchalant announcement that he had already gotten away with two murders was taken as a joke. Little did they know that he was not only deadly serious, but that he fully intended to do it again.

The suspect was found in possession of the 21-year-old Beauty student’s phone.

Idi was released on bond after killing a young woman back in 2017.

The murder of Emma Wanyotta came just when she was preparing to sit her final examinations at Vera Beauty College in Eldoret.

The murderer was particularly gruesome – the killer was not content to end her life but he went further to mutilate her body. Neighbors and collegemates of the young student were so angry and horrified that they blocked the Eldoret-Kitale highway in protest, demanding justice for the merciless killing of one of their own.

Emma’s murder happened on Monday night, and once the killer had finished his evil deed, he left her body mutilated and bloodied, inside a plot of nappier grass near her Moi’s Bridge home.

Journalists quote relatives as saying that the two had been in a relationship, and that Mr Idi might have killed her after she chose to end it.

In August 2017, Idi was charged in a Kitale Court with the death by strangulation of Nancy Narogoi. He had just been released on bond.

Narogoi was murdered in July 2017 and Idi disappeared immediately after. Police found and arrested him, nonetheless. Nancy Naragoi’s father told a Nation journalist that he was shocked by the court’s decision to release Mr. Idi. Her family was told by a passerby that he had been spotted in Moi’s Bridge, much to their dismay.

Even before the defendant was released on bond, the case had dragged on seemingly endlessly, much to the agony of the deceased’s family. The hearing for the murder case will be on October 29th.

Perhaps emboldened by the previous murder, Mr. Idi attacked and killed Emma Wanyotta inside her own home, where he strangled and dismembered her, chopping off her hands and legs.

Even the police called it a horrible murder.

Wanyotta was out on attachment, and this Friday was supposed to be the day when she began her final examinations . The Beauty College student had been missing since Friday, and when their Emma’s arrived home, she found a mess. There was a lot of blood and there were signs of a struggle all over the place. A lengthy search finally ended when they found her butchered body in a nappier grass patch. Not only was the suspect known to the family, but he had also sold furniture to her family.

Some family members shared that Mr Idi had been threatening her and any man h e found in the  contact list on her phone.

Idi is the main suspect in the murder so far, according to Uasin Gishu County Police Commander Johnstone Ipara.

Residents of Moi’s Bridge demonstrated against the brutal killing, angry that the man was walking free when had already killed another young woman.

The aspiring beautician’s lower limbs were still missing, as was her left hand.

By Monday night, the infamous carpenter had visited the police to report that residents were accusing him of being a killer. He was arrested.




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