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Like any wealthy African man, Jomo Kenyatta was a man of many women. He married Grace Wahu, Grace Wanjiku, Edna Clarke, and finally Ngina Muhoho. 

Grace Wahu

Grace Wahu

Wahu’s and Kenyatta’s traditional Kikuyu marriage ceremony happened in 1919. Wahu gave birth to Kenyatta’s first child Peter Muigai. She also had a daughter.

Little is known about Wahu because she chose to keep a low profile until her death in 2007.

Wahu lived in Dagoretti, Nairobi with her daughter Margret Wambui Kenyatta. Margret was a  councillor for Dagorreti West and the first Mayor of Nairobi (1970-1976) while Peter served as an MP for Juja and an Assistant Minister at one time. From 1992-2002, Margret was an ECK Commissioner. 

Wahu was a devout Catholic, and invested a lot of her time and resources in St. Josephs Ngando Catholic Church. At one time, Wahu had willed her property in Dagoretti to the Catholic Church, but she changed her mind later and willed it to her daughter.

Grace Wanjiku

Grace Wanjiku was a daughter of the powerful Senior Chief Koinange Wa Mbiyu. Her brother Peter Mbiyu Koinange was a minister in Jomo Kenyatta’s government. Wanjiku gave birth to one child, Jane Wambui Gecaga in 1950 and died from birth complications. 

Jane Gecaga is popularly known to her family as Jeni. She had three children: Soiya Gecaga, Nana Gecaga, and Jomo Gecaga. Nana has worked as Jomo Kenyatta’s private secretary and as the CEO of Kenyatta International Conference Centre.

Kenyatta’s marriage to Grace Wanjiku Koinange came soon after he returned to Kenya from the UK and helped to consolidate power. With the daughter of a senior chief by his side, Kenyatta’s claim to the throne was more assured.

Edna Grace Clarke

Edna Clarke on a visit to Kenya

Kenyatta married Edna Clarke in 1942 while he was in England. Her parents perished in an Air  raid and Jomo was there to comfort her. She was soon pregnant with a son and the two were married in a civil ceremony in Sussex.

Of course he was already married to Grace Wahu at the time so one might argue that their marriage was a sham. 

Kenyatta and Edna lived together for 15 years before he returned to Kenya. Edna was an English governess, and her son Peter Magana lives in England. 

In 1964, Edna visited Kenya and interacted with the rest of the family. Her visit coincided with Kenya’s self rule. Jomo Kenyatta and Edna continued to write letters to one another even though they never lived together again. 

She died in 1985. She was 86-years-old. Her son Peter served as a journalist with the BBC.

Dinah Stock

Dinah Stock is a woman whose relationship with Kenyatta remains mysterious to date. Many believe that they were lovers. 


Kenyatta’s first meeting with Dinah took place in May 1937 at London’s Trafalgar Square. They became fast friends and by August of the same year, Kenyatta had moved into her Camden Town flat. 


Her biographer says that theirs was a working relationship, and that he only moved into her house out of necessity. Jomo Kenyatta had money problems. 


Jomo Kenyatta also shared a home with a Jamaican lady, Miss Amy Geraldine Stock. Kenyatta and Geraldine Stock keenly studied Sociology at theBritish museum. 


Dinah Stock was a left wing activist and a graduate of Oxford University. She is described by Kenyatta’s biographer Jeremy Murray-Brown as a loyal and diligent collaborator. Stock helped Kenyatta with his book Facing Mount Kenya. She read through it and edited it. 


The British government had made it difficult for Kenyatta to get employment. This made it harder for him to pay his bills. Dinah later visited Kenyatta in Kenya during a stopover on her way home from Bangladesh. 


Ngina Muhoho

Ngina Kenyatta

It was his youngest wife Ngina who would own the title of First Lady of the Republic of Kenya. At the time of their marriage, Kenyatta was already well into his middle age and Ngina was  barely 18. 

Kenyatta married her in 1951, and had four children with her. His second born Uhuru Kenyatta became the fourth president of Kenya in 2013. Uhuru was born in 1961. Ngina’s other children were Christine Wambui, Anna Nyokabi, and Muhoho. They were born in 1953, 1963, and 1965 respectively.

They lived together until his death in 1978.

Ann Nyokabi Gathecha who served as Kiambu County Woman Representative from 2013-2017 was Ngina’s niece. She was the daughter of her brother Paul Muhoho Gatheca.

Joyce Sambu
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