Locusts Cross over from West Pokot to Karamoja in Uganda

Ugandan officials are holding crisis meetings to deal with the locust menace that has found its way into the neighboring country. Farmers in Uganda’s Karamoja region are in panic after locusts crossed over into the Amudat District from West Pokot.

Locusts have crossed their way from West Pokot to Karamoja in Uganda

They are keen to stop the pests from spreading to the rest of the country.

Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda announced on Sunday that political leaders and government officials were holding an emergency meeting after which they would implement measures to deal with the desert locusts.

An agricultural officer at a border station first reported sighting locusts a mere 7 kilometers from the border between Kenya and Uganda.

Locusts have already devoured vegetation across hundreds of acres in West Pokot in Kenya. They are now wreaking havoc on two villages of Amudat District.

The desert locusts travel in swarms of up to 80 million locusts per square km. The dense swarms consume large swathes of vegetation.

Locusts have a lifespan of up to five months and lay eggs that hatch after two weeks. It takes two to four months for them to reach adulthood.

Already, two air spray planes have been hired, and the Ugandan officials announced plans to mount motorized sprayers on pickups and tractors which are going to be delivered to Karamoja.

The locusts’ trail of destruction in Uganda has just begun in Okorikeya and Loro. These measures are meant to ensure that the damage does not spread further.






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