Nuggets from Edwin Abonyo’s Farewell Tribute to Wife Joyce Laboso

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Dr. Edwin Abonyo delivered a touching farewell message to his late wife, Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso.

Speaking at a funeral service in Bomet, the Contractor took the opportunity to celebrate the success of his wife who died tragically from Cancer.

He described her as ‘very beautiful’ even as she lay in her casket.

We can learn some more information about Laboso from her husband’s speech:

Abonyo never took advantage of his wife’s position

Even though he was a contractor, Abonyo carefully steered clear of taking construction projects in Bomet County because he did not want to take advantage of her situation.

Bomet Governor Joyce Cherono Laboso and her husband Dr. Edwin Abonyo

“I am a contractor but I never picked a job to do here in Bomet county. That’s who we are, we believe that God has given us enough to keep going.”

Abonyo was proud of his wife’s success

The contractor took the opportunity to celebrate Joyce Laboso’s success. In his own words:

“You rose from wife-mother, to teacher, lecturer, mweshimiwa, speaker and you died as “Her Excellency” Go well Joyce, God has been good to you all through.”

Joyce had Suffered for a long time

Dr. Abonyo told the crowd that the late governor Joyce Cherono Laboso hated having people sympathise with her. He should know because he had been through this before.

Joyce had been diagnosed with cancer 28 years ago and recovered before she went into remission.

Most people did not know about her illness because Joyce disliked sympathy and wanted to continue with her work as much as possible.

Her husband described as having ‘a lot of problems.’

She was a good dancer

According to her husband, Joyce was a good dancer who loved listening to Rhumba. Her dancing was what attracted Edwin when they met. At that time she was a teacher at Kipsigis Girls and he was a manager at Finlays tea.

Joyce’s health prevented her from having more children

After her first cancer attack in 1991, she was medically unable to have more children. The couple had to be content with their three sons.

He panicked when he found three missed calls from the president

The contractor was scared when he found that he had three missed calls from State House. Even though it was late, he got up frantically worked to get back to the president.



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