Red Cross to Build Homes for West Pokot Flood Victims

The Kenya Red Cross will gift new houses to 228 West Pokot families displaced by floods.

Flooding in West Pokot 2019

The Red Cross made the announcement on 11th January, 2020.

The project will cost more than 30 million shillings. The County Coordinator for the Red Cross in West Pokot, Scolasticah Kapelo announced that the Red Cross would commence the construction within one month, and that the operation would take place in partnership with other agencies with Red Cross as the lead agency.

Kapelo said that the project would be part of recovery measures.

40 people died in West Pokot as a result of floods that devastated the County. Kapelo noted that the Red Cross was working together with village elders and local authorities to identify the most deserving cases.


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