Swimming Pools in Eldoret

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There are plenty of options for people who are looking for a swimming pool in Eldoret. The best swimming pool in Eldoret is one that fits your needs. If you are looking for a warm swimming pool for the children in a place that has options for eating, shopping, and watching movies, you might want to visit Rupa’s Mall.

If you need a swimming within the CBD of Eldoret, you will have to go for Sirikwa Hotel which has the only pool within the Central Business District. Poa Place Resort is equipped with a small zoo and plenty of activities for children.

For a more high end and pleasurable experience in a serene environment near town, go for the Boma Inn hotel. Choose Naiberi campsite for an out of town experience with nature trails, hiking, and bird watching.


RUPA’s Mall

Rupa’s Mall, Eldoret

Rupa’s mall has a nice kiddie pool for children to splash around. The pool is warm which makes it ideal for parents who don’t want their kids to have to swim in cold water especially when the weather is not good. The pool does not accommodate adults though. So this would be purely a children’s outing.

At Rupa’s mall the whole family can indulge in shopping, eating out, and watching movies at the cinema.

RUPA’s is the first and biggest lifestyle mall to be built in Eldoret. As one of the biggest malls in East Africa, RUPA is a landmark. More then 50 retailers have set up shop within RUPA.


Poa Place Resort

Swimming at Poa Place, Eldoret

Poa Place has a large swimming pool for the whole family to get a dip in. Besides the swimming pool, Poa Place has two restaurants, bomas of Kenya, and a nature park for the kids.


Each activity at the children’s theme park will cost Sh 100 per child. At the bomas of Kenya you can visit traditional homesteads of different communities in Kenya. Those who are not swimming can relax in the large garden. A small zoo has some cheetahs and lions which guests at the resort can view.

Poa Place is located just off the Nairobi Highway 104.


Sirikwa Hotel

Sirikwa Hotel Swimming Pool, Eldoret

Sirikwa hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Eldoret town. The swimming pool is set in a spacious garden and you can eat at the terrace. It is a large swimming pool good for both children and adults.

Sirikwa Hotel is located within the Central Business District, this makes it easily accessible when you are within town. It is a popular conference facility.

Visitors and guests are assured plenty of parking at the Sirikwa Hotel. The swimming pool is set in a lovely garden setting.

From Sirikwa Hotel, you can easily access the nearby Zion Mall and Eldo Center. The airport is 22km away.

The spacious garden makes it perfect for families.


Ndupawa Guest House

Ndupawa Guest House Swimming Pool, Eldoret

Ndupawa is found along the Eldoret-Kisumu road on the Langas side of the road. It is closer to town than Starbucks hotel but you have to go 200 meters off the road to reach it. Ndupawa is very busy during school holidays and weekends when families go there for weekend swimming and relaxation.




The hotel is clean with decent food. You will drive for 15 minutes from Eldoret Central Business District to arrive at Ndupawa.

Starbucks Hotel

Starbucks Swimming Pool, Eldoret

Set within a spacious garden, the Starbucks Hotel Swimming Pool is large and spacious. It is a good place to swim and sunbathe as well as dine. The hotel is also equipped with a sauna and gym. Guests can use the facilities for free but people who are not guests can use them after paying a fee.

Starbucks is located along the Eldoret-Kisumu road close to Langas estate. The hotel was built right next to the road and it is easily accessible by public transport.

Even though Starbucks is one of the busiest conference venues in Eldoret, the swimming pool area is closed off to residents only. This gives it a degree of privacy that most swimmers will enjoy.

The swimming pool is popular with families over the weekend. During weekdays, the swimming pool is mostly empty except for school children who come for their swimming lessons.

Boma Inn

Swimming at the Boma Inn, Elgon View, Eldoret

The Boma Inn in Eldoret is one of the best hotels in the town. It is located within the serene and quiet Elgon View estate. As a member of Boma Hotels, the establishment gives all its profit towards the charity work of the Kenya Red Cross Society.

Besides the swimming pool, Boma Hotel has extensive gardens and a gym. The gym, sauna, and the pool are all available for visitors to use at a fee.





Naiberi Campsite and Resort

The Swimming Pool at Naiberi Campsite, Eldoret

Naiberi is ideal for guests who are looking to relax a little far away from town. It is more than 15 kilometers from Eldoret which is perfect for that out-of-town experience but without going too far.

The location of Naiberi is along the Eldoret-Kaptagat-Ravine road. The resort is set on a forest growing on a hill. A forgotten tribe known as the Sirikwa once lived here. They left behind their homes which they carved out of stones.

There is plenty to do within the expansive grounds of Naiberi. Camp outdoors or sleep in the comfortable rooms which are equipped with hot showers and bathrooms. Go for a nature walk. Run in the bush. Enjoy a serene birdwatching session. There are over 250 bird species living here alone – more than enough to keep you busy. Have a drink at the famous Naiberi cave bar which takes visitors all the way back to the stone age.

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