The Story of Kenya’s most Famous Bachelor

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Is Lord Maurice Egerton the most misunderstood bachelor in Kenyan history?

Egerton was a wealthy aristocrat and eligible bachelor. We know him as a landowner who avoided women after his heart was broken.

Find out why his former employee says that Maurice Egerton, the wealthy aristocrat was not the angry, bitter person that people think he was.

Maurice Egerton was by all accounts a catch. As the youngest son of Lady Anna Louisa Taylor and Alan de Tatton, Maurice had inherited a sizeable fortune and a prestigious title. He was also well-traveled and an accomplished man.

The Wright Brothers

He was a photographer, a filmmaker, and one of the first people to fly. In fact, Lord Maurice was a friend of the famous Wright Brothers. As the fourth (and last) Lord Egerton of Tatton, Lord Egerton owned property in Kenya, Canada and England.

The first Rejection

Sometime in the 1920s, Maurice fell head over heels in love with a woman from Austria known as Victoria. The rich heir wasted no time in taking her to his home in Ngata, Nakuru.

She laughed at his six-bedroom home, describing it as a ‘chicken coop’ and something that was not fit for someone of her stature. She returned home, refusing to marry the love-struck aristocrat.

Castle fit for a Princess

Undeterred, Lord Egerton embarked on his next project – a castle fit for a princess. He shipped in building materials from overseas and hired builders from India. The result was an imposing castle with all the modern conveniences of the time, including an escalator.

A Public Scorning

Once the impressive castle was complete, a lavish reception was organized for all his friends and acquaintances. The lady was unimpressed. She rejected him publicly. Maurice Egerton chose to dedicate himself to farming and education.

No Women Policy

He built the Egerton Farm School and continued to run his magnificent castle. According to Robert Onyiego who was his employee, he refused to have any women on his property. Even his employees were instructed to keep their wives out of the castle grounds. He also spent a lot of time hunting.

Female Guests

But was Lord Maurice Egerton really as bitter and hateful as he is portrayed? Some people disagree with the claim that Maurice Egerton hated women until his death. He is said to have hosted some female guests in his castle in Kenya, and in Cheshire England. A former employee of his Cheshire estate says that he was neither sad nor angry in his old age – just lonely.

Lord Egerton’s Castle is an excellent example of classic English architecture hidden in the Kenyan Countryside.

What happened after Lord Egerton Died?

Lord Egerton lived in his castle until his death in 1958. Most of the furniture in the castle was taken back to England upon his death and some of the remaining items in the house were looted.

When the Lord of the castle was alive, the music from the pipe organ was audible for miles around. Today the piano is falling apart, looking as lonely and neglected as its late owner.

Nevertheless, it remains an intriguing place to visit. Visitors to the castle will be happy to see the beautiful gardens, the llamas that live in the castle grounds, and the castle itself, which does not have much inside its 52 rooms except for some musical instruments.

Today you will find the castle looking neglected. Empty. With stained ceilings and floor tiles ripped off.

Many people who are familiar with Lord Egerton’s story do not know that he was a pioneer pilot and that he was close to the Wright brothers.


In an interesting twist of irony, Lord Egerton’s Castle is now a popular wedding venue. The College he founded is now one of the most important Universities in Kenya.

Joyce Sambu
Author: Joyce Sambu


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