Travelers can Expect Traffic Snarl Ups, Cordoned-Off Roads, and Higher Fares this Week

Monday the 10th of February was the last day of viewing President Moi’s body at Parliament buildings. Tomorrow a memorial service will take place at Nyayo Stadium and on Wednesday he will be buried in Kabarak.

Depending on where you are and when Moi’s burial activities might affect your travel plans. People who will be using Uhuru highway are likely to be affected as the road will be closed by Traffic police.

Heavy trucks and lorries traveling from Nairobi to Eldoret/Malaba will not be able to access the highway as of 7 pm on Tuesday until after the funeral procession has made it to Kabarak on Wednesday.

Public Service vehicles plying the Nairobi-Nakuru route are likely to hike their fares starting Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning, and travelers should probably be prepared for such an inconvenience.

Meanwhile, Nairobians who use the Uhuru Highway route and Statehouse route should also brace themselves for road blockage.  Any road that leads to or from Lee Funeral Home to Nyayo Stadium is also likely to be closed to allow the funeral procession to move smoothly.

Getting in or out of the city center on Tuesday and Wednesday morning is likely to be tricky as at least some of the roads will be cordoned off by Traffic police.

Some commuters chose to alight from matatus and walk to their destinations because the traffic jams were extreme.

Thousands of mourners are expected to show up at Moi’s Kabarak home, where he is to be buried.


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